Nek Minnit by Youth Empire
Nek Minnit by Youth Empire
Change by Youth Empire
Change by Youth Empire

April Fools


The girls using the 1st of April as their alibi for Singing, Jazzercise and ghosting in the mall… Looking like LMFAO’s ‘hype’ girls. That why we love them. (Crazies: Leanna, Pou, Serena. Background: Nikora)


Red Bull City Scramble When: Sun 1 Apr, 10:00am-5:00pm Where: Auckland CBD, Westhaven Drive Restr.: All Ages Ticket: Admission: Free The toughest enduro-cross race in the world returns to Auckland this April. On April 1st 2012, T Pier, Westhaven Drive,…Read more

This dude is da man! He got sick of aeroplane costs so he made himself a pair of human bird wings, quite amazing actually. GIZ A RIDE CUZ!  

During the launch off her brand new fragrance Kim Kardashian was posing on the red carpet. She was pouting and eyeing the camera’s with intensity, suddenly BOOM! Flour-Bomb hits her in the head! The lady yelled out a slightly obscene…Read more


Say goodbye to the kiwi classic!


“Dear Pen Pal…” Making homemade note paper today to send LOVE notes to everyone. Who wants a stalker? -Anon.

The hunger games premiere is tommorow and everybody is saying already that it’s gonna be better than twilight! Check it out and see for yourself! What do you think? Too twihard? Or do you hunger for more?

We feel very sorry for this little kid, but by the same token we think mama obviously knows best when it comes to toughening her boy up and preparing him for the world “hey son never mind a drink of…Read more


KONY 2012

We love what these guys are doing and understandably he has been through a lot and the founder is having a hard time under all the pressure however it’s the biggest thing in the world right now and he has…Read more


Black Ops

Chilling playing black ops. Your browser does not support the video tag